Saturday, 10 April 2010

I thought I would share one of the first cakes that I had baked and decorated, though there were many others before, i do not have any pictures. Note the unevenness of the cake, I've since learned that there are many techniques to ensure nice level cakes some of which I have acquired through reading and some that I have developed myself, which I hope to share in later posts. Also it is very evident that the cake is about to buckle in at the side, again due to uneven bases. I used buttercream to decorate this cake and fondant flower cut outs. I knew very well at the time that this cake was anything but amazing, but my family liked it, especially my daughter who was 2 at the time! ( The tray is pretty cool though!)



Sara Zara said...

This cake is pretty good!! Lovin' the tray :) Sara x

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