Giftbox and vase cake.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Though this cake turned out okay, I couldn't help feeling a little disappointed as I was not able to give it the time I wanted( I had just but a day to decorate). This was not enough time to redo things i wasn't entirely happy with or let things dry properly.

The flower vase is a started off as a layered square block of cake, which i sculpted into the shape of a vase. The flowers are made of sugar paste, as is the ribbon the main cake.

The small jewellery box below is also made out of cake, this was a last minute addition and pretty much rushed. The beads and tissue paper are made out of sugar paste. The customer however, was really happy with it, and i guess that's the main thing.



foarte elegant, felicitari

Shamsun & Najma said...

thank you daniela, i only got the one word out of the 3 hope the other two also mean nice things!

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